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COVID-19 - Updated Office Procedures for Appointments

What’s New


Hybrid Treatment

An orthodontic treatment plan that combines braces and clear aligners.   If hybrid treatment is indicated, the doctor can complete the “heavy lifting” with braces in 6-12 months and switch to clear aligners to finish the treatment.   This type of treatment offers less time in braces, ability to maintain better hygiene, and possibly fewer visits when combined with at home monitoring.  Ask Dr. A about it today!

3D Printing

Our 3D iTero Scanner and Sprint Ray 3D Printer allow Dr. Aylward to create and make clear aligners for treatment and retention right in the office – no outside lab needed!

Remote Monitoring

Dr. Aylward has teamed up with Dental Monitoring and Smile Mate to give our patients access to the latest applications of technology in Orthodontics.  Smile Mate virtual visits can be used for initial consultations, recall appointments, retainer checks and remote visits during pandemics!  The Dental Monitoring systems utilizes our scan box and your cell phone to provide Dr. Aylward with the necessary images to assess your active treatment progress virtually from anywhere!  This is a great option for working adults, college students and more.  The benefits include fewer office visits, increased patient/doctor communication and the ability to be “seen” at your convenience.  Ask Dr. A about it today!


Dr. Gerry Aylward Keep Our Music Strong Scholarship

Because of his love of and dedication to music, Dr. Aylward started a scholarship to award aspiring musicians from local junior highs in his practice community. His scholarship is intended to be an incentive to any student involved in music in any form. Recipients will receive scholarship funds for the use of: Private Lessons, Summer Camp Fees and/or Instrument Upgrades. Criteria for award selection should include a student’s future aspirations, dedication, creative self-expression, and potential for growth.

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